If you want to donate, please, follow below steps:

1. Go to BuyWMZ (or any site that offers WebMoney cards);
2. Choose any ammount and buy it;
3. You'll receive an email with a card number + password;
4. Send me both of them forumzusa @
5. Done...

1. If you're not familiar with Bitcoin, please read about this in Bitcoin Official Site then buy some from PaxFul - You can buy Bitcoins with Amazon Gift Card / PayPal / Debit Cards / Credit Cards / Neteller and other 300 ways.
2. After buy your Bitcoins, send your donation to our wallet - 1F9Ap26UBEyx5823jyPFMGLfd5i9WvfpNJ
3. Please, don't forget your transaction number, so we can check if everything was OK later.